Christmas Colour Challenge

We all know that red, green and gold are 'Christmas colours'. But when it comes to brand colours, can you tell your Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce from your Mr. Kipling Mince Pies? Take our test to discover how good your colour/brand recognition is.

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Despite our elves scouring the brand guidelines of every brand in the game, in some cases we just didn’t have a snowball's chance in hell of getting hold of the official guides, or the snowballs to ask for them. So on occasion, we have used the hex codes based on the brand's online presence. No companies mentioned in the game have paid us to promote them. It’s all just for fun. Enjoy!

Nalla is an award-winning brand design agency, with expertise in creating brands for a fast-paced digital world. Based in East London, Nalla works with a wide range of clients, around the world, to launch and refresh brands that are highly adaptable and futureproof.

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Digi Nut take pride in creating future-proof, fun, innovative and human digital products that help agencies, brands and SMEs engage and communicate with customers.

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